• BAHAMA JUMBRELLA - Synonym for architecturally demanding ultra-sized collapsible umbrella structures (12-36 m²) designed for the hospitality industry. All models/sizes are standard-equipped with the unrivalled driveless BAHAMA Servo-Mechanics. Learn more... »

  • BAHAMA JUMBRELLA CXL - latest new line of 3 square and 1 round high-end JUMBRELLAs, covering true 25 to 37 m². Standard-equipped with the driveless BAHAMA Servo-Mechanics, capable to take an amazingly high wind load when unfolded. Learn more... »

  • BAHAMA EVENT - the «economy line»: It comprises 11 round and square basic models (6.2-22 m²), all of them standard-equipped with the driveless BAHAMA Servo-Assisted Kinematic System. Main field of application: Outdoor café, bar & restaurant businesses. Learn more... »

  • Bahama Easy - Entry-level model with excellent price-to-performance ratio, attractive for both commercial as well as private customers. Learn more... »

  • BAHAMA LARGO - Collapsible-type architectural fabric structures (41-62 m²) with lighting built-in concealed. Solely for permanent in-ground/concrete installation & drainage. Warranted to withstand extremely high wind load when in unfolded configuration. Learn more... »

  • BAHAMA MAGNUM - Ultra-sized collapsible umbrellas (37-140 m²) for permanent in-ground/ concrete installation only. Withstanding unusually high wind load when in unfolded configuration. Available with a variety of optional equipment such as e.g. »Light«, »Heater« a/o »Sound«. Learn more... »

  • BAHAMA PROMOTIONAL UMBRELLAS - equipped with brand-printed fabric membranes. Realizable with any model from any BAHAMA line. Unlimited printing techniques. Learn more... »

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BAHAMA »Maintenance & Services«

In countries other than Germany where the BAHAMA manufacturer’s corporate division renders all kinds of services including product maintenance to domestic users as well as authorized distributors throughout the country if so requested (for information click »German«/»Wartung und Service«), same are provided – either partly or in whole – by our authorized international BAHAMA representatives, importing distributors and/or their assigned agents in the countries published by us under »Distributors«.


Structural folding frames: None except manually wiping dust deposits off the arms, stretchers, etc. once a year, or particularly just before a cleaned or factory-new membrane is to be remounted onto the frame.

Fabric membrane: Depending on first the very colour shade of the membrane fabric, and/or secondly on the locally given intensity of dirt/dust immissions, demount fabric membrane from the frame to clean it by laundering & drying it in accordance with the factory’s »Laundering Recommendations«. Average time interval for membrane cleaning is one year unless aforestated criteria require deviating intervals.


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