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BAHAMA »Promotionals« – personalized and/or branded umbrella [parasol] editions.

The basicly exchangeable one-piece membranes on the structural frames of no matter which BAHAMA mfg. line and model can be customprinted to orderer’s reproducible copy material based on providing to us vectorized data in either ai or eps format.

The BAHAMA factory is in a position to produce promotional fabric membranes that can be printed by applying three basicly different techniques. The most appropriate, better to say the most economical technique to be applied in a given case depends primarily on the number of [equal-image, shape & size] membrane units to be printed.

Print images on BAHAMA membranes are state-of-the-art quality in terms of durable adhesion and membranes’ suitability to be laundered & dryed [to manufacturer’s written recommendations].

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