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BAHAMA »MAGNUM« – Special mfg. line of exceptionally large & heavy all-weather umbrella structures.

Standard MAGNUM umbrella [parasol] structures are manufactured as per existing order only. Solely permanent installation requiring a professional in-ground concrete foundation with original MAGNUM underground console cast in to manufacturer’s respective drawing is practicable and admissible. All models are capable and warranted to withstand wind/gust velocities up to 130 km/h [70 kts] when in properly unfolded & tensioned configuration.

Following built-in (non-retrofittable], ready to connect optional equipment is available with any standard MAGNUM model:
BAHAMA »Light«»Heater«»Sound« [BOSE speakers], »TVR guttering« [confined to equal-size square models set adjacent to each other] and »TV flat screen« [”public outdoor screening”].

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