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BAHAMA »Magic« – factory built-in (frame-
integrated lighting equipment based on pre-
programmed RGB-LED technique

Every LARGO model can be equipped – even
though   n o t   by retrofitting – with this optional,
wholly frame-integrated lighting system.

Protective standard: IP65 for outdoor wet operation
Power consumption: ≈ 0.3 kW per operating hour
Ready to connect & complete i.e. including:
• External ON/OFF Control Unit (’ECU’) for 240V or
120V mains
• 240/120►24V power pack and radio receiver
(firmly built in both)
• 7-channel RC handset with written operating

Orderer/enduser to procure & lay: underground
cable (same as for LARGO with conventional
»Light«) from the ’ECU’ up to the LARGO in-ground
console in concrete, respective foundation to be
provided by orderer/enduser.

The 7-channel RC handset enabling operator to
set – inter alia:

Constant light colour: Any of the colour shades
can be selected for constant operation;
its intensity (brightness) to be adjusted infinitely
variable – o r

Sequential full cycle of 8 basic light and
countless intermediate colours via smooth
dissolves; selectable cycle durations are:
~ ¾ min., or ~ 1 ½ min. or ~ 4 minutes, a n d :

Lighting ON/OFF (”ON” provided the primary
switch inside the ’ECU’ has been set ON)

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