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BAHAMA »LARGO« – Sophisticated ”architectural fabric structures of variable geometry” designed for excellence.

Irrespective of their exceptional resistance to wind/gust velocity – up to 130 km/h or 70 kts when open, all LARGO structures are equipped with a built-in, manually operated 2-gear drive enabling operators to timely close & secure them in case of significant wind/gust velocity forecast to exceed the aforestated limit. All rainwater collecting inside the goblet-like LARGO is drained off into any subsoil sewer system or, if latter not accessible, seeped in the ground.

LARGO structures are factory-equipped with a built-in concealed 16-lamp lighting system delivering a collective candlelight power of approx. 1,000W inside the structure. Additional 16 11-watt lamps built-in by the factory are available as an option. Nett erection weights of LARGO structures range from ≈ 800 to ≈ 1,200 kg, relative to the specific model.



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