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Sunshaded and rain-proof • no glare on the screen.

BAHAMA »WirelessTV« is an optional, built-in so not retrofittable equipment that is available for all (without-surround-valance) models of the mfg. lines JUMBRELLA CXL, VENDÔME and MAGNUM, but also for the large models of the JUMBRELLA line. For HoReCa owners/operators to pamper their outdoor guest audiences with audiovisual attractions apt to keep them staying longer than they would normally. Practice applications are for instance:

  • Live transmissions* of the TV broadcasting stations via your own SAT or cable receiver (each with HDMI output)
  • DVD programs* via your own DVD player or laptop (each with HDMI output) – laptop enabling transmissions from internet sources
  • Your local in-house entertainment taken & transmitted by your own digital video camera (with HDMI output)

* Copyright notice: Whether indoor or outdoor screening conducted by commercial HoReCa operators, it’s ”in public” and as such is subject to the copyright owner’s or holder’s prior permission. Commercial screening in public without being licensed is illegal, and can be prosecuted by the copyright owner or holder. All that does not apply to your home-produced DVDs nor to situational live transmissions from your own video camera.

Live transmission of a world championship football match – as an example.

Rearside of a ready-to-operate 32-in. flat screen installed in a 5 x 5 m square JUMBRELLA model.

BAHAMA WirelessTV editions available for selection:
# C-WirelessTV-1: For operation of 1(one) flat screen in the umbrella.

Edition # C-WirelessTV-1

Effect of option # C-WirelessTV-1 installed in one of the two adjacent e.g. 5 x 5 m umbrellas: Audiences within the darker-shaded sector have unrestrained view of the 32-in. screen.

# C-WirelessTV-2: For operation of 2 (two) flat screens in the umbrella, allowing synchronous transmission of the same program on both screens.

Edition # C-WirelessTV-2

Effect of option # C-WirelessTV-2 installed in the median of 3 adjacent e.g. 5 x 5 m umbrellas: Audiences within the darker-shaded sectors have unrestrained view of the 32-in. screen(s).

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