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BAHAMA »Magic« – built-in/frame-integrated
indirect RGB-LED lighting

Every JUMBRELLA model can be equipped with this optional,
wholly built-in (non-retrofittable) indirect lighting system.

Protective standard IP65 for outdoor/wet-location operation
Power consumption: 0.044 to max. 0.088 kW/operational hour
Complete, including: External Control Box (as with »Light«),
240/120►24V rectifier unit & radio receiver (built-in/wired both),
and handset

7-channel remote-control (handset) enabling you yourself to
‘get up’:

  • A kaleidoscope circling through all basic and countless intermediate colour shades at smooth dissolves, circling durations adjustable; visual remote effects are really striking
  • Steady light colour: e.g. ‘warm white’ (as with standard »Light«) or any of the countless colour shades

Lighting ON/OFF: is effected automatically as you open and close the JUMBRELLA, respectively

BAHAMA »Magic«

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