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BAHAMA »Heater« – to extend the season, or just fight the chill during much too fresh nights out of doors.

Every JUMBRELLA model can be equipped with this built-in, electrically powered, CO2-saving infrared »Heater« option, a non-retrofittable equipment that has been tested in detail.

Power supply source required on site: 400V 
3-phase [North America: 120/208 or 120/240V + neutral & ground each]. Output from External Control Unit (ECU) to radiators: 230/240V AC [North America: 120V AC]. Connecting load per JUMBRELLA unit: 8 kW or, if with 1,500W radiators: 6 kW [North America: 4 x 1,500W = 6 kW].

ECU system available in either the ON/OFF or, if 4 radiators ea. 2,000W, the infinitely variable control mode (per radiator unit, each).

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