”Permanent” In-Ground/Concrete or On-Ground Installation • ”Mobile” (relocatable) Installation

Einbau- und Aufbau- Konsole
1. Suitable for CXL
without any built-in electric option:

In-Ground/Concrete Console # C-033-2XL with h.-duty »traffic cover« (prior to installing the CXL).

Einbau- und Aufbau- Konsole
2. Suitable for CXL
with built-in electric options »Light« and/or »Sound«:

In-Ground/Concrete Console # C-033-XLE with factory-fixed cable trough & flexible conduit.

Einbau- und Aufbau- Konsole
3. Suitable for CXL
with built-in electric options »Heater«
(and »Light«/

Console # CHIRA-033-2XL with factory- fixed watertight
connector terminal and conduits.

Mobile Installation
4. Suitable for mobile/relocatable
installation of CXL structures:
Cassette-type Mobile Universal Foot
# XL-U333-6/540kg, 130 by 130 cm, resistant to bending, levellable.

5. On-Ground Base #
C-034-2XL to be bolted
onto massive concrete
620 x 620 x 20 mm steel H-T hot-dipped, additionally PES powder-coated & baked in the colorshade as the umbrella frame. Suitable drill + dowel-type anchor bolt material on special request and order.
Picture left showing the Universal Installation Console (with CXL installed on In-Ground Console # C-033-2XL) suitable to connect to all CXL In-Ground/Concrete Console types [upon prior removal of the temporary »traffic cover«] and/or to the On-Ground Base of # C-034-2XL as well. Installation Console always coming readily prefixed to the CXL’s centre pole.


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