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Permanent, on-deck, and ”mobile” [relocatable] installation

Stationäre Verankerung Stationäre Verankerung Mobile Verankerung
For permanent i.e. in-ground/concrete foundation-bound installation
(notwithstanding relocatability of the
EVENT structure on a new [displaced] in-
ground foundation):
AFGL component [left] constituting part
of the complete set # E-033-2 (with in-
ground/concrete component [right]). Cpl.
set coming with foundation drwg. and
illustrated assembly instructions.

Mobile installation of the EVENT umbrella
 by using the 4fold levellable cassette-type Portable EVENT Foot #
E-089/155kg or # E-109/235kg.
Either Foot edition is available either
as assembly kit [w/o standard
paveway concrete slab inserts as per factory’s instructions coming with], or
as factory-completed heavy-weight
unit [with double-layer inserts].

EVENT footing device “Octagonal On-Deck Base“, steel hot-dipped, additionally coated & baked in white. – Within white framing left: Edition # E-0334 (on solid timber ground) – right: Edition
# E-0334-10 (on massive concrete ground)

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